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What I Do Is What I Am
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How To Be Shaolin
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"It's Great To Be Me"
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What I Do Is Who I Am

"I do what I do."

If you, do what you "CAN," then you've applied limitations that have already created what you "can't do."

If you do what are "ABLE" to do, you have already decided the farthest you can go.

If you do what you "DO," you are content with your life--whatever it is.

You don't have to qualify your reply to, how you are doing with, "I'm doing what I'm doing based on what I currently know how to do and next week I'll be doing something in addition to what I'm currently doing because I'll have learned that new skill..."

You shouldn't even answer, "I'm doing my best," as that implies your best isn't good enough or could be better.

Just say, "I do what I do" because you know you're doing your best, you know you'll continue to do your best--and that's what you do!

If they really want to know "what" you are doing, show them your newest Gongfu Form.

If they really want to know "how" you are doing, show them your newest Gongfu Form.

If they want to know, "what's happening / what's up / what's new..." show them your newest Gongfu Form.

See, with Shaolin Gongfu, you're always ready to show off or impress those that care about you.


How To Be Shaolin

Being Shaolin, has changed over the centuries.

For the first one hundred years, they were isolated monks on a hilltop, leaving for pilgrimages or doing chores around the Temple, studying the Buddhist Dharma.

Then Bodhidharma showed up in 680AD and got them to exercise with swords, and spears. Now being Shaolin was more demanding than before. A lot of monks probably left for easier lives at other temples.

During its height of popularity from 1,000AD to 1800AD, there were up to 300 SHAOLIN TEMPLES scattered around China. That's a lot of fighting Buddhas.


"It's Great To Be Me"

Everyone is a mixture of people.

We're a little of our mom, and a little of our dad, and a little of our friends, and a little of our favorite or influential relatives, and a little of our television heroes.

So, like cooking a cake, you decide what ingredients to use and HOW MUCH of each ingredient. So YOU DECIDE what the mixture of people you are will be.

So bake a new you, the way you decide to.

That's why being Shaolin is great. We will create a great mixture using Shaolin heroes, spiritual warrior concepts, scholar warrior studies, and warrior athlete activities.

"It's great to be me."

If you can't say that, you need more Shaolin Kung Fu in your life.

If you are miserable and can say, "It's great to be me," you need to stop lieing to yourself.

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