Ooooooooooh. Sounds evil.

Well it is.

Whether you kill someone with a bullet, touch, or burp, it is still killing someone.

REMINDER: killing is evil.

Rules were made several thousand years ago to remind people not to kill each other. Billions of people believe that if you kill someone you will suffer forever in Hell.

Yet, killing still fascinates and intrigues people. Bombs, guns, and killer jets are considered wonderful achievements of science and technology.

Still, with all this technology, all it takes is a touch to kill someone.


Well, first you have to want to kill someone.

So, already we've crossed that line into Hell.

At Shaolin Chi Mantis we teach EVERY STUDENT to NEVER want to kill anyone.

People have called our founder, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, a "paradox," for many years.

(I just went and looked that word up in the dictionary). They call him a paradox because he conflicts with the normal image of a Kung Fu Master. He is very nonviolent, yet teaching a very violent martial art.

I asked my dad, Master Zhen, about the Death Touch. He said it's just acupuncture, only instead of trying to heal someone you are trying to kill someone. So I guess the Death Touch is "killer acupuncture."

Oh well. When I learn more about that I will inform you further.


Zhen Ming-Mou



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