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SCM BKF TCY Push Hands

2010 Buddha Kung Fu Demo Team
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Zen from Zhen
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YMCA Classes of Shaolin Chi Mantis
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SCM BKF TCY Push Hands Tournament

November 7, 2015 was the first SCM BKF TCY Push Hands TRIPLE EVENT Tournament

The tournament has only three events:
1. 1-Minute Tai Chi form competition
2. Tai Chi Self-Defense and Techniques
3. Push Hands

This event was sponsored primarily by Tai Chi Youth and was a fundraising event for the TCY nonprofit. This will be the format for at least two tournaments each year in June and September.


2010 Buddha Kung Fu Demo Team

Get your Kung Fu uniforms ready.

Our first Buddha Kung Fu Demo Team performance for 2010 will be the COUNTRY FAIR at CV Park on April 17, 2010. The format for this show will be as follows:

SONG: "Inner Will" from the Tai Chi Magic 1 cd by Buddha Zhen.

SONG: "Tai Chi Magic" from the Tai Chi Magic 1 cd by Buddha Zhen.

Get your albumDownload your Tai Chi Magic 1 album now, if you don't already have a CD.

Buddha Kung Fu Demo Team SHOW:

Song:  "Inner Will"

4 beat intro: Students lined up at stage entrance, COUNTING TOGETHER - Enter stage on "4"

16 beat verse: Jessica and Shawn start on "5" count: FIRE & WATER 2-MAN STAFF

8 beat verse: Tony and Nicky perform TANTUI 1 and TANTUI 2

16 beat verse: Jessica and Shawn perform LIAN BU (Ling Po) from oppposite sides of stage

16 beat verse: Buddha Zhen performs double sabres, shuang dao, ROLLING DRAGONS

8 beat verse: Jessica and Shawn lead ROCK HORSE with all children on stage following

4 beat ending: All students align at sides of stage as Buddha Zhen walks to microphone

Song:  "Tai Chi Magic"

All students reposition for performing Tai Chi Short Form of SCM then start on cue

Buddha Zhen will speak to audience while students perform Tai Chi Short Form

Buddha Zhen was last to enter stage = first to exit as song fades out

Team Captain: "Students fall in"   (students duckwalk backwards to rear of stage, turn and exit)

Contact Buddha Zhen for more information: 858-717-7074

Other positions needed at each performance include:

Backstage Security

Stage Security





Food and Refreshment

Whatever your position is on the Buddha Kung Fu Demo Team,
wear your Kung Fu Uniform and represent our school with honor and dignity.
We ALL make the team look good, in all our various positions.4th of July Demo Team 2006
Kung Fu jackets not worn in 104 degree parade

Zen from Zhen

What does your Shifu say?

77 Zens of Zhen at

Inspirational Products of Buddha Zhen at
4th of July Demo Team

YMCA Classes of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Since 2005, we have had a complete Tai Chi program at the Verdugo Hills YMCA in Tujunga, California.

       Kung Fu Kids class / Tai Chi Kids class
       Shaolin Kung Fu class (adults and kids)
       Intermediate Tai Chi class (2nd half of the Tai Chi Form)
       Beginner Tai Chi class (adults and elderly morning class)
YMCA students


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